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Art Hopping In The Aegean: Aegeanale’s Contemporary Art Festival Travels The Greek Islands

A new art and culture platform aims to establish the Aegean sea as a fascinating destination for contemporary art lovers, with site-specific art, traveling exhibitions and accompanying events giving the ancient sea new cultural nuances. From painting to video and mixed-media, Aegeanale reinvents the Greek archipelago as a place of inspiration, creativity and captivating intercultural dialogue for locals and visitors alike.

Established in 2012 and run by an international team of specialists, Aegeneale begins its first artistic adventure in summer 2013. The organisation aims to highlight the Greek archipelago as an international cultural destination, where typical island-hopping turns into a creative journey with changing scenery and artwork. To the art-loving visionaries involved, the current Greek state of affairs can only serve as an added challenge and an ideal opportunity to capitalize on the region’s extensive potential for forming new intercultural friendships in a time of tension...