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Enigma Gallery with Brigitte Polemis

The concept explores a collection of art created through intervention like a fingerprint on our existence that has an impact on our global society. This bold work transforms with imagination to open up our eyes to the reality of today.

The art series was created to mirror our lives through images from our experiences and media voices of our every day, by transforming and relocating our reality through another medium. By using industrialised elements, such as perspex (plexi) then layering the work, a digitised life form is created, which is purposefully faceless. This concept markets awareness through interconnected technology and the use of the Mac computer, exploring today's electronic influence.

Pointing out "WHO ARE WE AND WHERE ARE WE HEADING?" in this continuing industrialised era of our society and economic changes that transform a human into "Just a Number". This manifestation is part of a wider process, where we get to look closer on the relationships between man and machine, where the development of large scale production and multiplication of the human world is diminishing individuality. Originality is becoming more and more obsolete in this world"!!

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