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Foivos Kypraios - Art Director of the Bouziani Museum

The Bouziani Museum, in a move towards contemporary art and in line with the timing of Documenta 14, is showing the artwork of Brigitte Polemis. The exhibition takes place in George Bouziani’s old workshop and museum, and presents new and older works by the visual artist, as well as a video animation. The exhibition also includes the renowned Greek artist, Yiannis Gaitis, in such a way as to foster a form of dialogue/art historical references with Brigitte’s work.

Brigitte started her career as an artist by using primarily oil on canvas. However, over the last couple of years, her technique has evolved to including digital technology and the process of printing on multiple layers of Plexiglas, which brings a different perspective to her work. With this approach, she establishes depth in her work through 3D aesthetics.

The main body of Brigitte’s recent work focuses on the self-immersion of humanity in social media and the isolating effects of digital technology, thus the title of her exhibition: “#iFollow”. The artist’s young, faceless figures depict the current lack of individualism, personal identity, passive approach, but also lonely behavior of young people today. By playing on the issue of people’s need to assimilate, Brigitte produces unique and thought-provoking work. Her distinctive technique, pop aesthetic, and the diversity of the materials used (silicone, resin, Plexiglas, and cardboard) provide an additional approach to the thematic axis: industrialization, mass production, and processing. The exhibition asks the viewer to try to understand the tug-of-war between technology and human emotion.